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Mohammad Khaled Harb , 1966 - Lebanese fashion designer.
In 1983 , he traveled to Milano - Italy to study fashion design.
back to lebanon , he worked in his family institution under the supervision of his mother Mayssoun El Banna who works in fashion since 1960 and is well known in the market.
He designed menswear (Shirt and Sportswear) at Mayssoun fashion (1986 - 1989) then worked in the production of lingerie such as pajamas , nightgown and bybdoll inside his family institution at Burj Abi Haidar - Lebanon tell 1998.
In 1999, he opened his own business DONNATEX at Mar Elias Danaoui Street Al Nada Bldg in beirut Lebanon where he started producing his own line of lingerie under the trademark of DONNA.

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